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How memory works
When listening to a lecture by Noam Chomksy and making the bed, I was reminded that when I was 13, the same age my oldest son is now, my family went on a vacation to New Orleans, in August. In school that fall, I happened to mention in coversation that our visit there had co-incided with a heat wave and that on each of the five days we had been there the high temperatrue had been just below 100F. Some girl in the class, whom I didn't even know, overheard me and took the trouble to comment that this was impossible since every day over the summer she had carefully read the temperatures reported for New Orleans in the weather section of the newspaper and she knew very well that the temeprature in that city had never risen above 90F in August. This is proof, I suppose, that the inter-net only liberated trolls.

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He's 13 now? That went quick. I'm sure he was just a small child the last time you posted a photo of him here.

The internet liberated pen-pals too. Remember them?

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